While a first-time tourist might want to visits the popular sights like Times Square, Central Park, and Radio City Music Hall, the city is packed with many overlooked gems. Reserve our corporate car service to visit the many compelling neighborhoods.

There are the artisanal beer shops in Williamsburg, the elegant walkways of Staten Island and the charms of Tribeca’s hottest dinner spots. Finding the perfect itinerary for visiting corporate clients can be a complicated task for the busy and conscientious entrepreneur. Luckily, here at Delux Worldwide Transportation we know the area very well and have a few ideas for the next time you have important guests in town- and our affordable car service NYC proves the perfect guide.

Entertaining Clients with Corporate Car Service

For the perfect business lunch, location is everything. Discerning steak-lovers will find there’s no better place than the classic Morton’s The Steakhouse – with an interior lined with dark wood paneling and possessing a robust menu, the atmosphere speaks of power and tradition.

If your guests are from Europe, then perhaps they would appreciate being treated to a taste of genuine American heritage cuisine at Craft, which boasts both elegant entrees and seasonal ingredients.

For a touch of old-world class, the Artisanal Fromagerie & Bistro offers authentic French dishes, pristine taste, and an impressive cheese counter. Not to be outdone, Midtown’s Capital Grille offers an exclusive atmosphere conducive to power lunches – don’t miss their Martinis and seafood towers.

Show them a Perfect Time with Corporate Car Service

Your clients will be happy to have a custom itinerary that both shows the best of New York City while providing an atmosphere which also contributes to conducting business. With Delux’s corporate car service, your guests will learn the city’s prime locations and discover more than a few hidden gems. Often left in the shadow of the One World Trade Center or the Empire State Building, the Rockefeller Center speaks to a history of prestige, confidence and the power of the media. Their seasonal ice skating rink and Christmas tree form part of the backbone of New York’s holiday spirit.

Escape to the Bronx’s renown Botanical Garden for a retreat from the hustle of the city and have a stroll in the peace of nature. To experience the weight of history, your guests won’t be wrong to take a venture to the less-visited branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art known as The Cloisters – medieval works of art and illuminated manuscripts create an atmosphere of authenticity and the rewards of perseverance.

Getting out of the City

Although New York City has many rich sights and eateries to enjoy, many do desire to  discover areas outside of the city itself. Long Island is a great destination because of its proximity to the city.  Many people enjoy an authentic local wine tour and if you’re flying in from out of town our Long Island airport car service is the best way to travel. Our drivers are experts in navigating the region. As we enter into the summer season, the region comes alive and visiting with a corporate car service is the best way to safely travel. So sit back, relax and let us do the driving.

A Professional, Reliable Service

When entertaining large corporate groups, transportation can turn an inspiring meeting of minds into a logistical headache. Delux Worldwide Transportation knows how to make sure your corporate meetings run smoothly. We offer corporate accounts that make reserving a vehicle easy.  Billing too becomes seemless. Booking online or using our mobile app helps managing itineraries and reservations.

Our reliable Tri-State service is ideal for foreign guests and partners as we know how to show the best our city has to offer. Our experienced drivers know the roads and how to avoid the inconveniences of gridlock.

Our NYC and Long Island airport car service connects the city to the wider region and major transportation hubs, and our itineraries provide both the richest experience and the most affordable car service NYC has to offer. With over fifty years of experience in the city, you can rest assured knowing you and your corporate clients are in good hands.

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