For football fans, this time of the year means one thing – time to go to a game. Treat yourself to limousine service in NYC. If you are visiting New York City for a vacation or are traveling to the city for business you can catch a game easily. The city has two teams, the NY Giants and the NY Jets.  Both play at the MetLife Stadium, and one of the nicest and easiest ways to get there is with limousine service in NYC.

When you’re traveling from Long Island or the Tri-State areas hiring a professional limousine service is one of the smartest things you can do to make the trip enjoyable. Before you buy tickets here is a bit of background on both New York teams.

NY Giants

The New York Giants were established in 1925 as one of the first five teams to join the National Football League (NFL) when it was first founded. Sadly, they are the only one of those five founding teams still in existence, and this makes them the longest-established team in the Northeastern US.

The team also has an impressive record, ranking third among all of the NFL franchises with a total of eight NFL titles – four in the pre-Super Bowl era from 1927 until 1956 and four since, in 1986, 1990, 2007 and 2011. They also have more championship appearances than any other team, 19 in all. Finally, the team has had 28 players featured in the Hall of Fame including Mel Hein, Frank Gifford, YA Tittle and Lawrence Taylor.

NY Jets

The New York Jets started out as the Titans of New York when they were founded in 1959 and were a member of the original American Football League, who joined the NFL in 1970. The team first played at the Polo Grounds and moved to Shea Stadium in 1964 along with taking their new name. Another move to the Meadowlands Sports Complex took place in 1984, and they now share the MetLife Stadium with the Giants.

The Jets were the first AFL team to defeat an NFL club back in 1968 when they were involved in Super Bowl III and beat the Baltimore Colts. Since then, they had been featured in the playoffs 13 times and the AFC Championship Game on four occasions, most recently in 2010 when they lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Broadway Joe

Any fan of the Jets knows and loves Joe Namath, otherwise known as “Broadway Joe”. The New York Jets won the Super Bowl with Namath who promised fans victory over the favorites, the Baltimore Colts. This was the first time the AFL had a victory at the Super Bowl. It was also a great win as the New York Jets defeated the NFL champions by a score of 16-7.

The Colts had a 15-1 record entering the game and the words of Joe were feared to have inspired the Colts before entering the game. The fears were unfounded however and the Jets took victory, with the help of Namath’s arm and the teams innovative offense tactics.

The MetLife Stadium

Despite being the home of the two New York football teams, the MetLife Stadium is actually in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The stadium opened in April 2010 as one of only two stadiums in the country that is shared between two teams – the other is the Staples Center in Los Angeles, home of both the Clippers and the Lakers.

Because of their success, tickets for Giants games tend to be the harder to come by although some upper-level tickets are usually available on the day. If you know you are visiting the city, it is a good idea to book tickets as early as possible along with other essentials of travel such as airport car service and your hotel.

Getting to the stadium

Regular football fans often drive their car to the stadium but to park, you need a pre-paid parking permit. Otherwise you park off-site and there is a shuttle bus that takes you to the gates. It can be a benefit parking away from the stadium as you can get out easier at the end of the game. But why hassle with your car? Reserve affordable limousine service in NYC for safe stress-free transportation.

There are also two options for public transportation. The 351 Meadowlands Express bus from 41st Street is one option. Or you can take the New Jersey Transit with a train service running from Hoboken to Meadowlands.  This train starts running around three hours before the game and around 1-2 hours after it ends.

Another option is to use a limousine service NYC to get to the event. Many locals know the area is prone to brutal traffic jams before and after the game and many opt for a more sensible way to travel. Delux’s ground transportation NYC service to and from the stadium makes the event more enjoyable. To reserve a vehicle is easy; call 24/7 reservations, book online through the website or with the mobile app.

Although there are different transportation options, there’s nothing that offers quite the relaxation and comfort level of a chauffeured driven vehicle. When you choose a professional and reliable limousine service such as Delux Worldwide Transportation, you will enjoy a hassle-free ride. Our drivers know the best routes to take during heavy traffic.

Catching a game while in New York is a must for football fans and both teams offer something different to enjoy. Using a limousine service in NYC is smart and just makes the experience more relaxing.

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