Car Service in Long Island Makes Superbowl Sunday a Breeze!

On February 3rd, the Patriots and Rams will be lining up to decide the winner of the Super Bowl LIII. After two thrilling conference championship games, this Super Bowl may break records for viewership. The annual event is also an excellent time for Long Island residents to get together via car service in Long Island – whether you are a fan of the teams, the NFL or even the commercials.

Now that the teams are set, you are likely starting to receive invitations from friends who are hosting watch parties.  Or you might be mapping out the venue to enjoy the festivities. Maybe you are entertaining friends or family for the big game.

Celebrating in a responsible manner is always super important. That’s why Delux Worldwide Transportation is the #1 choice for car service in Long Island. Moreover, for those in the Tri-State area, travelers rely on Delux’s NY limo service to get them to where they need to be.

Plan Professional Car Service to the Big Event

Every great event comes with lots of planning, for logistics, food and drink, and more. Ensure the whole evening is a good one by planning reliable transportation. If you’re traveling on Long Island, we suggest reserving car service in Long Island to cap off your Super Bowl Sunday. Also, those NYC fans always know they can rely on exceptional New York limousine service to get them to their Super Bowl event safely.

Manhattan Limousine Service Will Ensure You Get  There On Time

A Manhattan limousine service can ensure that you arrive at your friend’s apartment for the game on time. Chauffeurs understand the importance of being timely, and they can adjust your reservation to comply with updated traffic or road closure situations. The game may start at 6:30 pm, but do you want to have the chance of missing the first couple of minutes, or worse, the first set of commercials?

A New York limousine service is also a much better alternative to public transit for transporting food. You may have just spent all day making a platter to bring to the Super Bowl party. Don’t trust carrying it on the train or bus, where a bumpy ride or unsanitary conditions can potentially ruin your food.

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Safety Via a Limo Service is Our Priority

A New York Limousine service or Long Island car service is also the preferred method of transportation when you are meeting folks out at a venue for the watch party. Super Bowl Sunday is not a time to be worrying about driving.

Rather than taking the chance of unreliable public transportation, reserve car service in Long Island or limousine service in Manhattan such as Delux Transportation for safe and efficient service.

Delux’s chauffeurs ensure your group travels together, so no one is left behind. They take your comfort and safety seriously. Delux’s trained drivers will always avoid the most highly trafficked streets on an event-filled day. Professional chauffeurs are also the best alternative to ride-hailing services, which will undoubtedly be raising prices as a result of demand on Super Bowl Sunday.

Reserve Group Transportation with New York Limo Service

Let’s say you will be hosting the Super Bowl Party. Between cooking, hosting, cleaning and organizing a friendly Super Bowl pool, your plate is already full. The last thing you need is the worry of a friend who may be showing up late with the all-important Buffalo Wing platter. Instead, reach out to Delux’s 24-hour call center to reserve transportation for your guests to and from the party.

Group transportation through a qualified Long Island car service or New York limousine service will also ensure that your guests arrive home safely. You will have no problem choosing the perfect vehicle from Delux’s well-appointed fleet of sedans, vans, and SUVs.

Remember to reserve a professional chauffeur service with Delux Transportation by calling (516) 883-1900, booking online, or with the mobile app.

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