While the holidays have come and gone, there still is plenty to do in and around NY and relying on good transportation is a must! Kick off Restaurant Week the right way by hiring a New York car service to escort you to some of the best deals in town.

January in New York City is one of the calmest times of the year. But calm doesn’t mean nothing is happening. Restaurant Week is 1/21 – 2/8 and foodies will take this opportunity to indulge. Don’t let these frigid temps keep you from experiencing some fantastic food. We’ve listed 3 ways to ensure all goes without a hitch during Restaurant Week via a New York car service.

1. Hire a reliable New York Limo Service

New Yorkers often choose to enjoy their January by dining at many of the participating restaurants during this winter’s NYC Restaurant Week. Restaurant Week provides access to some of the city’s best and exclusive dining sites. Participating restaurants charge $26 for a 2-course lunch and $42 for a 3-course dinner. The money saved on this affordable night out can top-off the experience with a professional New York car service.

Licensed chauffeurs from a professional New York car service will ensure that you get to your reservation promptly. Chauffeurs from a reputable limousine service in Long Island such as Delux Transportation are experienced drivers in the New York City and broader Tri-State areas. They understand the most efficient routes and will suggest an appropriate pickup time when traffic conditions change.

Many restaurants tie drinks into their Restaurant Week menu’s as well. Reliable chauffeurs will provide a safer door-to-door transportation option compared to ride-hailing services, taxis or driving home yourself.

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2. Do Your Homework and Read Reviews

The New York City Restaurant Week website provides a full list of participating restaurants. It also allows you to sort restaurants by location, cuisine and collections like “NYC Classics”. Take advantage of the site to check out each menu to see if the food options fit your palate. And remember that the prix fix Restaurant Week menu is a more limited version of the full restaurant menus. Be sure to reference reputable review websites like Yelp and Zagat to get the public and critic’s perspective.

3. Book You Reservations As Soon As Possible

It is important to remember that some patrons have Restaurant Week circled on their calendar’s every six months. It is a large event for the mainstream public and especially for the growing “foodie culture” in New York. This is why we suggest visiting the Restaurant Week website to book your reservations as soon as possible. The website makes it easy by connecting you directly to OpenTable.

Fun Fact:

New York Restaurant Week was founded as the world’s first-ever Restaurant Week. In 1992, 95 restaurants participated in a singular culinary event built for attendees of the Democratic National Convention. The restaurant’s came to a decision to keep Restaurant Week “on the menu” when they received an influx of New York City native dinners.

With the full list of participating restaurants debuting this week, we can now reveal two of our favorite choices for Restaurant Week.

Shun Lee Palace

Describe your most recent experience with Chinese Food. Was it greasy and did it come in a takeout container or from a potentially unsanitary kitchen? Shun Lee Palace completely changes the Chinese food experience with an authentic menu and elegant atmosphere.

The Mid-town east restaurant is a staple of traditional New York-style Chinese dining with attentive service staff, fresh ingredients and classic specials like Peking Duck. Treat your significant other or group to a quintessential New York experience by providing transportation to Shun Lee Palace via a reputable car service in Long Island.

The Lambs Club

Another restaurant offering a quintessential New York experience is the Lamb’s Club. Lamb’s Club is located, like many great Manhattan restaurants – in a hotel. The Chatwal Hotel near Times Square provides a great setting for the restaurant’s luxurious Empire Deco design. To top it off, the Lambs Club gets its namesake from America’s first professional theatrical club, which was founded in 1874 in Manhattan.

Restauranteur Geoffrey Zarkanian offers a modern approach to American cuisine with a seasonal menu and regional ingredients. Make sure to reserve an experienced NYC limousine service to best navigate the traffic and crowds surrounding Times Square.


Despite that fact that January in NYC is somewhat recovering from the chaos of the holidays, the city does not slow down. Its business as always and there are some great deals to be had during New York Restaurant Week.

Getting there has never been easier with a professional limo service. So if you’re traveling from out East use Delux’s Long Island limo service. NY city dwellers can enjoy the convenience of Delux’s professional car service to deliver top-notch service.

Give Delux Worldwide Transportation a call 24/7 –  516-883-1900.  Book online or reserve a vehicle from our fleet via the mobile app.

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